What I like to do?

        I like to Judge animals for 4-H. I like to do this because I like to explain my reasoning. I also like to because me and my family get to travel to different states for competitions. I recently just went to Indiana on Saturday and got 3rd place out of Boone County. If you don’t like competition than you wouldn’t enjoy this. If you are wondering what is Livestock Judging is? It is that you are evaluating animals characteristics and making a comparison to the other animals in the ring according to their ideal standards. After you are done evaluating the animals then you will place them on however you think they will go like to go from greatest structure, to that they hock in. Hock in means that they walk like one foot in front of the other and they also have trouble walking. Why would it matter if they hock in or not?


                                                                                                                                 Crystal Cattle – blogger

CEV Multimedia

The picture on the left is a cattle class of  Angus cattle. So what you would do first in this is start with your placing. I would place this as 2-4-3-1.  Everybody’s placing in this cattle class will be different. The picture on the right shows parts of the cattle. This chart will be helpful when you judge so you can look at it while your deciding which one is better and why. Down below is a set of  reasons for the picture on the left.


2-4-3-1 is my placing for this Angus heifers class. As we move into my top pair 2/4. I chose 2 because she has good form in her shoulder. Sure, 4 has great structure still I keep her 2nd. Into my middle pair 4/3. I chose 4 because she got a high tail head. Even though 3 has a good structure. Still, I keep her last because she hocks in which Makes her have trouble walking. Thank You! Why would I place them like this?


Another Day with 20% Goals!

       One of my major accomplishments is that I have started to make the curriculum for this project, and I’m getting to train my rabbits so that I can bring them for a part in my project. I feel really excited for this project because of all the goals that I have set for this project. One of these goals for this project that I have not been able to reach is that all the kids learn something from my project and that I put a benefit on their education. What I will be doing is that I’ll be teaching Animals and my partner Rowan will be teaching plants. What I’m doing in Animals is that I might be bring one of my rabbits to the three schools that I’m visiting and I’ll be teaching them about different breeds of rabbits. 


December Goals-

I have many goals for this month. One of my goals for this month is that I want to try to meet with my mentor. Another goal that I have is that I would like to email the principles of the three schools that I want to visit. Another of of my goals for this month is that I would like to start working on my project and be working activities that my rabbits can do to show the kids about what breed they are and what type of things can they do. Finally, my last goal for this month is that I want to gather many different plants for the plant side of the project.  






3 Amazing Holidays!

     My three holidays are Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. I have many different traditions for each different holiday.One of my favorite holidays is Christmas. I like Christmas because I get to see my family from Germany. One of my traditions is that we always open one present on Christmas Eve. Another reason that I like Christmas is that we get to go sledding down my driveway and somebody always ends up falling off.

Another holiday that I like is Easter. I love Easter because I love the tradition of going to the  Easter egg hunt. My families tradition is that we dress up our farm animals. I have 6 goats, and 9 rabbits, and 1 dog. We love going in and taking pictures with my family on farm equipment. At my grandparents house we chase a pig like at the fair. We started a new tradition of doing a drawing contest. Every year it is different picture.

The last holiday that I love is Thanksgiving. We just had this holiday so I mite as well talk about it. Thanksgiving is a very good holiday because on this day you say what you are thankful for. One of my traditions that we celebrate is we harvest our crops we did this because my mom is from Germany. These are my favorite holidays. Thanks for reading this.

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School times

The problem that I want to solve at my school is loneliness.  This is a problem because some students don’t like to talk very much. I’m going to fix this by making a group of people who also seek that they are going to help me fix this problem at my school. Another reason why this is a problem without a friend they might also be bullied. This is a problem in this case because if you have many friends and you see someone at lunch all alone go up to them and sit next to them. I don’t care if its a boy or a girl. Go up there and sit next to them. Would you like to be that person if you didn’t have any of your friends that you have today.


Another way that I’m going to fix this problem is by helping others and being able to help others fix this problem. This might be a problem in your school too. So, here is what I want you to do. I want you to set a goal of helping 5-10 people a day. Next, I want you to share this idea to the world whether if it is on social media or if you are on the news. Finally, I want you to see how many people you can help. Try to beat your goal and help more than 10 like do 25 or even 50. Try to be that somebody that help some to not be a nobody.

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Friday’s a Great Day

Hello, My 20% project is a plants and animals class. I’m going to three schools to teach this class. My goal is to find and do research on plants and animals. I have many deadlines for this project.

I’m feeling really excited about this project because I’ve been learning about plants and animals over the summer, and I can’t wait to teach other kids about my education of  plants, and animals. An example of my project, I will be teaching plants, and my partner Rowan will be teaching animals.

I’m also feeling very nervous about my final speech in May because I really don’t like to talk very much in front of a audience because I’m the shy person who sits in the back of class and has my little friend group.

I’m finally feeling very anxious because I like to teach other kids and I also get to see my old teachers over the last 6 years that I have been at Long-Branch Elementary.

My major goals for the month of November:

One of my major goals for the month of November is to email back my mentor and tell him on what were going to do and where. My second goal to email the schools that I want to visit to teach and get permission. My third goal for this month is to start making flyers and giving them to the schools that we want to visit. My fourth goal for the month of November is to be able to make learning fun and do lots of hands-on activities with the two grades that we want to do it with.

See my visual aide for more information.


Rabbits are a very interesting animals. One interesting fact about rabbits is that there are over 60 rabbit breeds. The most common rabbits that you can find is are a White New Zealand,and Californian.

White New Zealand’s- White new Zealand’s are very common they can jump 36 inches high. They can weigh 8-12 pounds. They can run to about 35 miles per hour. 90% of this type of breed is used for breeding and meet. They are all mainly raised in all 50 states. They can weigh up to 26 pounds.

Californians- Californian rabbits are the most common rabbit to show at the fair. They can weigh up to 7-10 pounds. This type of breed is most common in the United States. This breed of rabbit is 1 out of 50 well known breeds of rabbit. Geologist claim that rabbits are the oldest living mammal living around up to today. Rabbits are very common to be a vegetarian.

These pictures are not the breed of rabbit that I’m talking about!



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The story of a plant and a dog!

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I was walking down the street and I saw a dog sitting on the side of the road in the grass. I felt so sorry for him. People just keep on walking and ignore him. So, I walked over there and I gave him some food and a bowl of water. I found a leash next to him that had a note that said, ” Service dog for Annie Maxwell.”

What do you think happened next?



Activity #4- How to plant a flower!


Activity #1

 Attribution means to have a license (be able to ) to use any ones work known as pictures, music , videos and other things in general. After finding  that information that I found always states where you got your picture, music. videos and the others because it wasn’t your work or you belongings.  As you may know there is very serious consequences such as loosing your privileged to use the persons work unless you have permission to use their work. Always use your references on where you got it.



My avatar

face your manga



My avatar represent me because I play guitar.

Another way that it represents me is I have long but short brown hair.

Also because when I play guitar I like to play it outside.

I like to do my makeup when I like to dress up.







My Passion

My name is Celia I’m 11 years old and I’m passionate about music and cooking. When I think of music I think of  instruments. I play three instruments. I play Trumpet, Guitar, and Piano. I think it is really fun. I think of this as relaxing and enjoyable. That’s what I think about music as.


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Another thing I’m passionate about is cooking. I enjoy cooking because I also think of it as active. My favorite recipe is Raspberry cheesecake. When I think of  relaxing I think of cooking and other different things that motivate me. Emily via Compfight  Strawberry white chocolate cheezecake

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