Rabbits are a very interesting animals. One interesting fact about rabbits is that there are over 60 rabbit breeds. The most common rabbits that you can find is are a White New Zealand,and Californian.

White New Zealand’s- White new Zealand’s are very common they can jump 36 inches high. They can weigh 8-12 pounds. They can run to about 35 miles per hour. 90% of this type of breed is used for breeding and meet. They are all mainly raised in all 50 states. They can weigh up to 26 pounds.

Californians- Californian rabbits are the most common rabbit to show at the fair. They can weigh up to 7-10 pounds. This type of breed is most common in the United States. This breed of rabbit is 1 out of 50 well known breeds of rabbit. Geologist claim that rabbits are the oldest living mammal living around up to today. Rabbits are very common to be a vegetarian.

These pictures are not the breed of rabbit that I’m talking about!



Rabbit Fest 2017 Tjflex2 via Compfight



bunnies4268.b a_m_bit via Compfight Tjflex2 via Compfight


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