School times

The problem that I want to solve at my school is loneliness.  This is a problem because some students don’t like to talk very much. I’m going to fix this by making a group of people who also seek that they are going to help me fix this problem at my school. Another reason why this is a problem without a friend they might also be bullied. This is a problem in this case because if you have many friends and you see someone at lunch all alone go up to them and sit next to them. I don’t care if its a boy or a girl. Go up there and sit next to them. Would you like to be that person if you didn’t have any of your friends that you have today.


Another way that I’m going to fix this problem is by helping others and being able to help others fix this problem. This might be a problem in your school too. So, here is what I want you to do. I want you to set a goal of helping 5-10 people a day. Next, I want you to share this idea to the world whether if it is on social media or if you are on the news. Finally, I want you to see how many people you can help. Try to beat your goal and help more than 10 like do 25 or even 50. Try to be that somebody that help some to not be a nobody.

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